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Copy This Idea To Make Money From Home

Tuesday, May 13th, 2014

Looking For An Easy Business Idea to Copy?

If you’re looking for another hyped up ,push button, get rich quick  business opportunity, then forget Copy This Idea…It won’t be for you!

easy business ideasBecause whilst “Copy This Idea” is one of the easiest business ideas that we have come across , like any other serious business, it will still require some work and effort on your part or you won”t make a penny.

So what exactly is this Copy This Idea Business and can anyone do it?

 Copy This Idea -What’s It All About?

The “Copy This Idea” book shows you, step by step, how to copy an easy business idea that an ordinary man used to make more than £50 million from his spare room.

Really…So can anyone do this?

Well just about everyone can. Obviously you will have to use your brain a little and put in some work…

But if you can use a PC and can copy and  paste, then you’ve got the basic technical skills that you need to make an incredible living working from home …Simply by copying what you’re taught in the “Copy This Idea” book.

So what will you learn from the Copy This Idea book?

Copy This Idea- Here’s The Scoop

I don’t know about you, but we have come across endless opportunities that claim to be the easiest business idea bar none.

And we’ve fallen for a few…

Sitting through endless seminars and webinars…

And falling for the hype and the attractive compensation plans…

Only to be left more broke than when we started!

But after years of digging online we can state with complete confidence and conviction that the “Copy This Idea” really is one of the easiest business ideas that we have come across. Here’s why…

  • The start up costs are low (the book is under a tenner!)
  • You can do it from anywhere in the world (has to be better than starting out of an office window)
  • There’s no boxes of stock to buy (great …Don’t need to max out your credit card and have a garage full of stock)
  • And you can get started straight away …so you can start making money off the bat.

Oh… and one other thing, in case you’re wondering, it’s not an MLM or any other form of internet marketing either.

So what will you learn from the Copy This Idea Book

Copy this idea book

Us with the “Copy This Idea” author.

In a nutshell, you will read how this ordinary guy gave up his day job and despite never having done anything like this before, went on to make over £50 million from his spare room using a little know system that he shares with you.

Included in the Copy This Idea book are…

  • The simple system he used to buy something for £5 and sell it for £50 and something else for £50 and sell it for almost £2000.
    The easiest way to get free publicity for you product (page 41)
    How to find a hungry crowd (people who want to buy something) (page 45)
    The 10 most requested information ideas (page 56)
    How to create your own information products to sell to the hungry crowds (page 62)
    Where to get readymade products to sell as your own product (page 76)
    How to go from making a few hundred pounds to banking your first million (page 96)

We could go on and on about the “copy This Idea” book but it would go on for hundreds of pages, as every page is rammed packed with  priceless information on how to copy this idea to make a very lucrative income from home.

And there’s more…

You also get 2 FREE bona fide bonuses …

1 months free subscription of the Cash On Demand course (worth £29.95)

And 6 months free subscription of the marketing newsletter (annual cost (£97)

Meaning that as well as getting the book for under a tenner, you also get free bonuses worth almost £80 as well.

To order your copy of the Copy this Idea book click here.


The Most Successful Home Business Opportunity 2013

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

The Most Successful Home Business Opportunity 2013 Is Changing Peoples Lives…

It’s rare for me to get that excited about a home based business such as this, but I am truly excited to be part of what is being classed as the most successful home business opportunity 2013.

I can also tell you that other social media sites and platforms are becoming a little nervous about this home based business, because it will eventually change the way we use the internet.

Never before has such a platform or system been launched that not only enables anyone, anywhere in the world to increase their personal income, but it also enables small businesses to create more sales and increase their profit margins.

I have recently spent a few days with one of the founders of this home based income opportunity, David Sharpe one of the masterminds behind the creation of this unique marketing platform and seen for myself how it has enabled 7 colleagues become millionaires within the last few months.

I can honestly say that as time goes by more and more ordinary people will be earning 5 and 6 figure incomes simply because they are part of this reputable home based business. Never before has this type of success been achieved in such a short space of time.

No wonder so many people have such big smiles on their faces.. !

The Benefits of The Best Home Business Opportunity 2013

Home businesses come in all shapes and sizes but the main reason we ourselves teach people how to get started in this exciting home business opportunity is because it enables anyone, any where in the world the ability to use this ‘simple system’ and it’s marketing platform to create an income of their choosing. It also enables any business to use the same very same system to market the services they offer far quicker and far more effectively than they would without it.

The most successful home business opportunity 2013

It’s also hardly surprising to learn that as the most successful home business opportunity 2013 has to offer that it is already ranked on Alexa as being within the top 400 most visited websites in the world and is set to be within the top 100 in a very short space of time.

The critics were quick to condone this home business opportunity.. but not any more..

The banks were quick to condone this home based business … but now they want a piece of the action..

Other social media sites ignored the growth of this home business opportunity … but not any more…

Julie and I are proud to be part of the most successful home business opportunity 2013 and to  be in a position to mentor, teach and help other people get started.

What Is So Appealing About This Home Business Opportunity 2013 ?

The simplicity of this home business and the down to earth honest approach everyone who is a member portrays is another reason why so many people like it and are joining. As a result it has created a social community for people to connect and interact with each other, hence another reason why so many people and companies are now claiming that this is definitely the most successful home based business ever and no doubt will be for many years to come….

As a member you get a huge amount of The most successful home income opportunity 2013support, and as much training and free advice as and when you need it.. Better still we ourselves allow people to see and judge for themselves what an incredible income creating opportunity this home business really is.. offering a free demonstration..

Oh and before I forget .. why not take a look at the average income our members an earning … See for yourself here

You see for any company to become successful it has to have an excellent product line and a system in place that will help people make a lot of money other wise people wouldn’t be interested in becoming a member.

The way Empower has set up the company and the way everyone interacts and helps each other is inspirational and just goes to show what a community of people from all walks of life can do to help one another change their lives.

This is why the Empower Network is so unique. There are no limits as to the amount of  money that can be earned because it is the only home based company that offers it’s members 100% commission on it’s products… !!!!

So it’s no wonder some people are earning thousands per day, hundreds of thousands per year. Now I’m not saying everyone will because it does depend on the amount of time and effort you put into the opportunity… But one thing is for sure…. if you following the step and step training and implement what you learn then there is no reason why you can’t earn the income of your choice.

If you would like us to help you get started and be part of the most successful home business opportunity 2013 then simply CLICK HERE and we guarantee to personally help you do just that..

 the most successful home business opportunity ever


Best Businesses To Make Money

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

What Are The Best Businesses To Make Money ?

The Best Businesses To Make Money are the ones that have a unique system in place.

Let me pinch two minutes of your time to tell you a little secret that should get you really excited if you’re looking for a money making business opportunity. best businesses to make money

Every Business that Makes Money has a SYSTEM in place. The most successful and most profitable business empires ALL OVER THE WORLD  are built around “Systems”.  For example… we’ve all heard of businesses like those listed below and very often know how they operate, regardless of which outlet, store or premises  you visit ..……

Examples of some of The Best businesses To Make Money are shown below ………OR ARE THEY ?

McDonald’s – System
Starbucks – System
Subway – System
Interflora Flowers – System
Domino’s Pizza – System

Each of these businesses operate the same system in every one of their outlets…. Having an organized, efficient, self operating system within these business means one thing…. HUGE SUCCESS  !

But there are two other important factors that a successful system and business needs……..  SUPPORT and FINANCE

Combine the two and you can create an incredible successful business but with a difference. In principle I agree with the fact that The Best Businesses To Make Money always do have a good System in place.

However, the best money making business for me is one that can be started without any major start up costs and over heads and one for making money much quicker and with bigger profit best ideas to make moneymargins those previously mentioned.

The Best Businesses to Make Money are ones that have a fantastic easy to follow system in place, hardly any start up costs, overheads, staff or even premises to rent. Yes you’ve guessed it … it’s a business just like the one we teach people to start from home. In other words a dam good home based business. What more could anyone ask for? You may well ask… am I being biased, well I suppose I am, but the reason is because I have set up and operated most types of businesses so have the experience and knowledge of what has proved to be the best businesses to make money for the average person.

Some people claim that franchises are the best businesses to make money… WRONG !

I say this because franchises have huge up front start up costs, you have to pay royalty fees on your success and turnover and end up in real terms still working for someone else. The best business to make money is one whereby you can test the water thus easing any fear of stepping outside of your comfort zone and without having to give up your current job or borrow a huge amount of money.

S – Save
Y – Your
S – Self
T – Time
E – Energy and…
M – Money
a more profitable business

I’m sure you’ll agree this is type of home based business is now beginning to sound to good to be true. Well it’s not and is one of the reasons I decided to develop such a business. Most people never look at it in this way which is why 98% of people who start a business actually fail.

However, we’re don’t allow that to happen with the applicants who join our start up program. We don’t accept failure as being an option.  We teach, support and provide our applicants with everything they need to be successful.
Having such a unique and serious home business is primarily for ambitious individuals who what the comfort of someone to support them 100%. That is why we give our members one to one support and the chance to join a team of individuals who all have the same outlook and vision, .…….to create an ever lasting quality of life……. .

The best businesses to make money are also ones that can be started on a part time basis so that you can create the salary / income of your choosing. It would be wrong of me to share the facts or figures of what some of our applicants now earn because I don’t want to mislead anyone, but what I can tell you is that the rewards are based on the work people are willing to put into their new best business to start 2012part time venture with us. Everyone is different and what people achieve is dependant mostly on THEM. The great feed back we get from our applicant is that we treat everyone as an individual helping them over come their needs and learning skills to get this home business up and running and for working along side them at all times.

In order to achieve results, we must have the desire to succeed.  It’s like wanting to pass an exam at school. Your grades and results depend on your efforts and hard work.

The best businesses to make money during these economic times have to be ones that can be started from home on a part time basis, with little start up costs, over heads and funding, That is why our success is growing by the day.

If you would like to learn more simply APPLY HERE

There really has never been a better time to change the goal posts and create a more rewarding future.

Regards Roy Derrick


How My Work From Home Business Has Helped Me To Lose Weight

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

Can Having A Work At Home Business Really Help You To Lose Weight?

It is an astonishing claim to make but since working from home I have been able to lose any excess weight that I was carrying and adopt a more healthy lifestyle… But how  does working from home help to keep me fit and healthy?Working at home

Having my own Online Home Business has created more time for me to be able to exercise and to eat more healthily and enjoy it. I used to always worry about how I could fit in exercise and lose weight. Now I don’t I pick and choose when to fit it in during the day and I now enjoy it. 

One major change in my family life since working from home has been rescuing a four month old puppy dog, something that I could not have done previously due to having to work such long hours. I am now the proud owner of a beautiful cockapoo dog that I walk several times a day.  It is amazing the pounds that I have shed simply by adding a few walks into my daily routine… Something that I would not have done prior to buying a dog.  As I write this article he is keeping me company lying at my feet. This is one of the great rewards of having a home based business. Now i’m not saying that you should go out and buy a dog, far from it but it simply illustrates the extras you can add to your life when your working life changes.

I can now also plan exercise within my working day. I swim at least three times a week and have even started to jog. This was more difficult to do when working for an employer as I often needed to work lots of overtime to earn more money whereas now I can pick and choose any “overtime” that I want to work. Often I only need to work part time from home which allows me even more time to stay healthy and fit.

I eat a lot healthier as I no longer feel tempted to copy work colleagues less healthy lunch options. I no longer attend as many meetings as I used to and therefore don’t feel obliged to indulge in the calorie laden lunches and snacks that were often provided. Working from home helps me to stay disciplined with my meal choices as I avoid keeping unhealthy food in the cupboard. Working From Home Walking the dog

The other great advantage of working from home is that I am now able to fully enjoy hobbies that I have such as gardening. Having a home business allows me to be able to vary my working hours to suit my own requirements. Therefore if the weather is dry I can take full advantage by catching up with my gardening, taking in the fresh air with no stress just pleasure. I can then make up my working hours either early in the morning or late in the evening or work a longer day when the weather is less favourable. This also applies to other outdoor pursuits that I enjoy such as surfing and cycling particularly when the children are off on school holidays.

That’s the great advantage of being my own boss namely being able to pick and choose the hours and the salary that I want.

It is true that any individual can stay fit and active whether they work for themselves or for an employer. However, from my own experience I have found that I have managed to lose any excess weight and maintain that weight much easier since staring my own online business as I now can make more time to exercise by working the hours I want to based upon both my family and my individual needs as opposed to being governed by the needs of an employer or work colleagues. I also find it much easier to discipline myself to eat healthier. However, if you work from home you have to be disciplined ensure you complete the work necessary to keep the money rolling in.

Having my home based business has allowed me much freedom…Not least the freedom of being able to own a dog. He has been a wonderful addition to the family and has added an extra fun way of shedding any extra pounds.

There are many working from home opportunities to suit everyone’s needs. One of the easiest ones to start is a home business online as this type of business operates twenty four hours a day allowing you to accommodate exercise and any interests into your working day.

It really can provide the perfect work/home balance and can provide the flexibility to help you to stay fit and healthy in the process. Losing weight can be fun. The more you begin to enjoy exercise the more weight you will lose whilst working from home earning the money your deserve.

A Definate Win Win Situation!



Online Businesses Are Booming !

Friday, January 6th, 2012

Including Online Home Businesses

So Why Are Online Businesses Booming Despite The Global Recession?

Without doubt the internet has changed the way that we live our lives and continues to grwo at record speed. More businesses are branching out and setting up online business divisions in the same way individuals are turning to their home computers to make money from the internet.
Online Business Is Booming
This has become particularly apparent when you look at the most recent published sales figures that show for many retailers there has been a slump in high street bricks and mortar shop sales but a huge growth with online shopping sales, clearly proving that the internet is now the preferred method of shopping for many people. Sadly this has resulted in the closure of many high street stores, especially electrical retailers, as they battle stiff competition from online retailers.

During the past ten years the growth of the internet has resulted in many individual success stories and has also strengthened sales for many established home based businesses as they also use websites to generate extra revenue. Experts predict that by 2020 90% of transactions will take place online or will be influenced by the internet.

With this in mind there has never been a better time to start an internet online business. Statistics show that the demand and audience is huge so what better way to capitalise on this demand than by starting an online business.

Starting an Internet businesses involve less risk, costs and effort and can more or less be started straight away. To create a successful home based online business you will need to take the following into consideration:

Look For A Product That Doesn’t Have A Market Leader
If you want to become a successful online entrepreneur you will need to find a niche that is quite unique without massive competition. One such example was a lady who found a gap in the market for providing baby products and accessories in your own home. She thought of the idea after having a baby of her own. She has now formed a very successful business providing this service.Starting an online Internet Business

Having a passion for what you are selling is also crucial to your success. This was the case for twelve year old Louis Barnett who created a successful confectionary company selling chocolates to top retailers. He left school with severe dyslexia and dyspraxia but his desire to be able to spell the word chocolate inspired him to set up his own company selling chocolate. He scored the highest score ever for his pitch with one retailer which even at twelve years old was full of passion fuelled by his belief in his product.

Write Up A Good Business Plan To Get Funding For Your Business
Presenting a good business plan will help you to get the necessary funds to start your on line business. Make sure that you ask for adequate funds at the beginning to ensure the success of your business. Asking for too little funds is a mistake often made but will only result in your business struggling in the short term.

Register Your Company
If you anticipate that your sales will exceed the current threshold of Vat (tax)  you will need to register your company for VAT depending on which county you live in. Online traders also need to ensure that they comply with data protection legislation when storing information on customers.

Create A Good Website
With any internet business it is crucial to create a powerful website to attract customers to your business. Your website acts as a shop window for your business and will determine how successful your business will become. Whilst it is cheaper to create and set up your own website, it is more professional if financially possible, to outsource this task as it can be the difference between making sales or not.Work From Home Dad

You will need to ensure that your website is appealing as people will buy if they like what they see.  Make sure that the website is easy to navigate especially on the ordering page as people will tend to leave if the sales process is too difficult. Test your website with potential customers, friends and family before launching your website to make sure that it has the necessary appeal.

Marketing Your Business
For any online business, marketing is vital to its success. Effective marketing will ensure that people are drawn to your website over your competitors. There are several ways in which you can market your online business. You can advertise organically by writing articles or blogs or you can pay for advertising using Google Ad words or by paying for SEO (search engine optimisation). The type of advertising you choose will be largely governed by the type of online business that you have and by the marketing budget that you have available. Offline advertising such as direct mail can also be very effective in promoting your online business and increasing sales.

Don’t Give Up Your Day Job
Don’t make the mistake of giving up your day job too soon. Most online businesses only require you to work part time from home to begin with allowing you to work around your current employment and still enjoying the security of earning income while your business gets off the ground. All in all your internet business will thrive provided that you offer people what they want to buy at a price that they can afford and that you make them aware that you have what they need.

With the ever growing popularity of the internet there has never been a better time to start an internet business.  There are many online business ideas, all you need to do is carry out some research to find the best online business for you.

If you’re considering taking advantage of the what the internet can offer then we highly recommend applying to become a member of one of the most unique and fastest growing global home business opportunities currently available. Here you will learn everything you need to know and have the opportunity to create a substantial and regular income.


Mobile Marketing Is Now One Of The Quickest Ways To Make Money

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Well, just imagine if you could teach someone, or even a small business or company how they could make money using their mobile phone, or how they could double their sales and massively increase their profits.. Imagine how grateful they would be.

Mobile Marketing With  Roy Derrick

Well, you can…. All you have to do is learn some very basic principles and share them with anyone who wants to make money or increase their sales… people like local small businesses near you or individuals who desperately want to earn an extra income…….. get the picture…

Once you know how you can charge whatever you like for sharing the same principle to people and companies and teach them HOW TO MAKE MONEY in less than 5 minutes. You will be shocked at what people will pay for this type of information.

OK – Is this sounding to good to be true….. ? Trust me it’s not because we have tried and tested it time and time again

If you think about it …  Everyone is carrying a small box around with them… A MOBILE PHONE!  Everyone loves the pinging sound when they receive a text message and very often can’t wait to see who it is

Why Not B
ecome One of The First To Benefit From Teaching Others How To Make Money Using A Mobile Phone.
Let’s be honest who wouldn’t want to learn how to make money if asked ?

There are lot’s of packages you can buy to learn how to implement this money making business opportunity one of which we actually use and have recently branded. Just like everything else this idea and concept is all about being able to work a few hours a day or a week and sell the service you have acquired. In fact do it right and you can make 1,000’s of pounds / dollars per month or even per week !

There are no limitations. As long as you know what to do…

The main thing that attracts so many people to this income opportunity is not just the fact that it enables you to work the hours you choose but also the fact that it means you are actually helping other people and small businesses within your locality to improve their sales and profits.

Getting started costs well under a few hundred pounds / dollars and can more or less be up and running within a day or two.
For More Details On This Exciting Way To Earn Money Click Here

UK’s Strike Action Causes Mass Panic

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

With The UK’s Pending Strike Action Looming, There is A Solution 

Here Are 5 Ways To Avoid Further Strike Action And Losing Your Pension

With the Uk’s pending strike action threatening to be the biggest action in more than 30 years chances are that most of you will be affected in some way or another. Whether you’re a nurse, teacher or civil servant or even a parent of a child not able to go to school due to the strike action, you will invariably be affected in one way or another. Uk Strike Action

Emotions are running high as employees within the public sector protest over the bitter public sector pensions dispute. Most feel very angry at the prospect of having to pay in more money, work longer and receive less due to the pension deficit. These individuals feel that by taking Strike Action they will be heard in the hope that a quicker and fairer resolution can be achieved.

How, if at all, can this dispute be resolved?

It is difficult to find the answers. Certainly in the current global recession there is little to reassure the employees that there can be any “silver lining” to the dispute. With the dismal forecast for the economy there is little to suggest that there is going to be any surplus money for many years to come so what can be done?

One sure fast way that you can avoid having to work longer hours and ensure that you have a good “pension” for your retirement is by being self employed and working from home. Below are 5 good reasons why becoming your own boss will secure you with a better and more prosperous future.

1. Work Fewer Less Hours

Working from home allows you to work the hours you choose based around your own needs. You will no longer have to endure the guilt trips of missing a child’s concert or sports day. You will also have the personal and financial freedom to decide when you want to retire.

2. Create Your Own Pension

Having your own home based business will provide a residual income for you that will make money for you even when you sleep. Once your business is up and running you can set it on to auto pilot which will free up some valuable time and also ensure that your passive income continues to flood into your bank account. You can then invest some of this income into property as in investment towards your retirement. The great thing with an online business is that if you pick the right type of business, you will continue to make a residual income even after you retire.

 3. Achieve Job Satisfaction

There is no better job satisfaction that being rewarded 100% for your effort. You actually benefit from the hard work that you put in and not your employer. How many people today can actually say that they feel any job satisfaction? Most are merely regarded as a number and not an actual person.

4. No More Commuting

One big benefit from working from home is not having to spend hours commuting to and from work each day. Those hours could be used for more pleasurable things like leisurely watching the news whilst eating breakfast with the family or walking the dog before you walk to your “office”. The only traffic you will encounter when working from home is passing your partner on the stairs! There is also no dress code when you work from home you can even work in your pyjamas!

5.  Less stress

Achieving the correct work/life balance can also be hugely beneficial to your health. When your home business is up and running you will have less stress and also more time and money to enjoy healthy exercise and hobbies. Internet based business are not affected by the recession and often these businesses thrive during these times as people are looking for answers to their problems. Therefore by offering solutions to these problems your business will go from strength to strength.

Becoming your own boss and working from home certainly empowers you to be able to take control of your own destiny rather than having to rely on governments and employers. It’s not currently easy for any type of employment but one thing is for sure the demand to become self employed, work from home and start a home business is increasing day by day.

People are now realizing that the only way to create and secure a better future is to take action in one way or another rather than rely on other people and our governments to help us.

You can do just that. Discover how easy it can be to create your own future and secure a more prosperous pension and lifestyle by contacting us here today. We have exciting opportunities to suit every one.


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